Thursday, May 18, 2017

World famous Maniabandha Village.

The Village Maniabandha has it's name in worldwide for the large scale production of handloom Silk and cotton sarees according to the need and choice of global customers. The state odisha was known as UTTKALA and the word UTTKAL is the combination of two words that is UTT means too better and Kala means art. So maniabandha reflect the kala on tie and dye for weaving the beautiful Ikat fabrics.

Maniabandha Ikat cotton saree

Maniabandha Tie and dye process wall hanging

If any body visiting puri to see our Lord Jagannath must have been attract towards the vibrant colored cloths of the Lord Known as Patabastra or Pata Khandua which made in maniabandha.

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