Friday, April 22, 2016

Ikat fabrics of Odisha which available in online shopping.

Recently i have gone to visited "17th Dhenkanal Mahatsov" Exhibition which is full of arts, crafts, and various types of handwoven saree are present there. I was busy in visiting the handloom exhibition's and got so many idea about art and craft. In every exhibition odisha Ikat saree is too precious.
Here are some beautiful colorful sarees.

These sarees are really beautiful. The flowers, shell, peacock, parrot and geometrical design's on bright color give more elegance to the sarees. Ikat saree is made of tie and dye process which is called ikat.

Majorly Ikat saree is weaved in odisha and now in Andhra Pradesh which is called ponchampally. In Ikat saree the tying of thread and coloring is more important.

Specially Ikat saree is weaved in sambalpur which is called sambalpuri sarees. These sarees have beautiful motif's like lotus, elephant, lion , peacock etc.

I always love to have different types of sarees in my wardrobe collection. Normally i love to buy saree when i visit some handloom exhibition. But Now a days , we can buy from online, which offers some discount's coupon and festival offer.

This will be more helpful to our handloom lovers.

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