Wednesday, April 27, 2016

10 Various Types of handloom sarees in India.

India is a lovable country which is  famous for its handlooms and handicrafts and the Indian handloom saris get a huge demand and popularity on the whole world. Several parts of the country provide various types of handloom saris, which have some special design and a quality  features.

Here are 10 types of handloom sarees in India

1. Chanderi sarees:
Chanderi are the traditional handloom saree from the state of Madhya Pradesh. This sarees are very light in weight and made of soft cotton with silk mix and have a golden narrow border.

2. West Bengal Tant sarees:
Everyone knows about West bengal Handloom Tant saree which come from the artistic state.. This sareez are made of pure thin cotton thread and border have zari thread.

3. Muga Sarees:
Muga sarees are made of silk thread which weaved in Assam. This sarees have beautiful motif's which make the saree stylish.

4. Ikat sarees:
Ikat sarees are made of pure cotton thread with 120/120 thread count. This sarees have a huge demand in all over world. Most Celebrity loves to wear Ikat sarees.

5. Kasavhu Sarees:
Kasavhu sarees weaved in Kerala with cotton and silk fabric. Mostly Kerala brides wear traditional kasavhu saree in their wedding day.

6. Tusser Silk sarees:
Tusser silk saree are famous all over world which is weaved in odisha Gopalpur. It comes with silk and cotton thread. This saree are too much high cost. Most celebrity loves to wear tusser silk saree in several Award function.

7. Kanjivaram Silk sarees:
Kanjivaram is the traditional handloom saree of South Indian which is called kanchipuram or kanjivaram silk sarees. These sarees are from Tamil Nadu which comes with unique design and bold color border.

8. Sambalpuri sarees:
One of the best handloom saree in all over world. It made of natural color by tie and dye method. For a single saree it takes seven days to weaved. In sambalpuri you can get various types of sarees like pasapalli sarees, bomkai sarees, buti sarees. Every bridal loves to wear bomkai silk saree on her wedding days.

9. Banarashi Sarees:
Every one knows about Banarashi sarees and most celebrity loves to wear Banarashi saree in any function. Bollywood Rekha always loves to wear Banarashi silk sarees. This saree have beautiful pallu made of golden thread and zari which gives the saree an elegance look.

10. Kota sarees.:
Now a days Kota sarees are fashionable in the world. Kota sarees are weaved in Rajasthan, India. Embroidery and Zari works are the main work of Kota sarees.

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