Thursday, February 27, 2014

Distance from Maniabandha to Places

Maniabandha saree best to wear and affordable too. If you want to visit manibandha, it is good and you can get the sarees in best price. Else there are online shopping store who help you, to purchase them from their store.

Some of the Store where you can find:

  • Odisha Saree Store
  • Sri Krisna Store
  • Sambalpuri Saree Store
  • Dhenkanal Saree Store

Distance between Maniabandha:

  • Cuttack: 70 KM
  • Bhubaneswer: 100 KM
  • Nuapatna: 6 KM
  • Athagarh: 20 KM
  • Sambalpur: 329 KM
  • Puri: 130 KM